Stuart Parades


Stuart Parades handles the organizing for both the Memorial Day Parade and Veteranís Day Parade.

The Memorial Day Parade and ceremony is dedicated to the remembrance of the men and women who sacrificed their lives in defense of this great nation. We take this moment to honor their lives and recognize the sacrifice service members made in all national conflicts of war, including WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars.


The Veterans Day Parade and ceremony is in honor of Veterans within our nation and our community. We take this time to pay our respect to those who have courageously fought for our freedom and safety.


These event are made possible through the support and dedication of the following organizations and businesses:

- †††††††††† Veterans Council of Martin County

- †††††††††† The City of Stuart

- †††††††††† Martin County

- †††††††††† Road to Victory Military Museum

-††††††††††† JayAre Systems & Management (Stuart Parades)

Without their continued support, activities like this would not be possible or available to everyone free of charge!